Education from Home

During these difficult times our aim is to ensure children are still able to access and engage in a meaningful education should they be required to self-isolate, or in the event of a bubble or school closure.  We understand that focused learning whilst at home can be a challenge and some of you may be accessing online learning tools for the first time.

We are committed to ensuring the very best outcomes for children and we are concerned that when individuals or ‘bubbles’ are required to self-isolate, this may be detrimental to the wellbeing and the educational progress of children. We wish to work with you to support your child in accessing their lessons and schoolwork from home. We are putting in place a scheme for the loan of digital devices and a package of online tools for the delivery of remote education; using Microsoft Teams, Office365 for all years and Tapestry for Reception pupils and Year 1.

Our Teams help guide and the help pages on Teams are available to help you and your children to navigate the online learning we will provide.

Children will be able to engage in their school work through the schools e-learning environment from home. They will have the opportunity to access lessons virtually through Microsoft Teams video calls and assigned tasks in Teams, with the activities and resources being accessed through the class folder. The resources in your child’s class folder will link to the online activities through programmes such as PiXL Times Tables, White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize, to name a few.


How will remote Teaching work during Lockdown?

Teachers will be delivering lessons from their classrooms or from home through Microsoft Teams video. These will be accessible from home, via the Microsoft Teams app. If you have a loan device or a home device you will need to either download Teams or use the Web App. They will be able to go to their calendar and join their classes lesson.
You can find the instructions for downloading Teams here.

These lessons will not just be a one-way stream, there will be collaborative video calls so your child can participate fully as though they were at school.

What can my child work on independently?

In addition to the direct teaching through Microsoft Teams, teachers will be assigning a range of activities children can complete in addition to any timetabled sessions.

Your child will access the lesson resources, as they currently do, from the Class Notebook tab.
On the page there will be links to access learning materials from other online learning tools.
For more information on how to access these resources please go refer to our Microsoft Teams for Home Learning guide.

To see the work that is assigned to your child and when it is due, please choose the ‘Assignments’ tab in Microsoft Teams where your child can find the assignment information and submit their work when it is done.

Keeping in touch

It is important that we keep in touch with you and your children during periods of remote education. In each lesson we will be recording who has joined in remotely. We will also be tracking the work completed for children in all years.

If your child is not online and we do not hear from you then we will be in touch to make sure that you are all okay.

I would like to assure you we recognise there is no perfect solution to remote teaching and learning. We are keen to work with you to provide the best support we can and will aim to support you to the greatest extent that we can in continuing your child’s education at home. Please bear with us as we adapt to this new way of working, which we are certain will provide the best quality of education for your children, while they are at home.

I hope this package of support will enable your child to continue their education should your child need to self isolate or in the event of a bubble or school closure.