At Martlesham Primary Academy, all pupils and staff are allocated to a house team: Andromeda (blue), Orion (green), Pegasus (yellow) or Phoenix (red). House points are awarded to children demonstrating our learning powers of respect, responsibility, resilience, aspiration and collaboration and for excellent conduct around the school. The house cup is awarded at the end of each term to the house that has collected the most house points.

The houses are led by a house captain and a vice house captain who are elected by their house members at the start of the academic year. Prospective candidates make speeches to their house members who then vote for their preferred candidate. The house captain’s and vice house captain’s role is to be an outstanding role model and to motivate and inspire their team. They are also responsible for counting house points every week and presenting the results to the school in assembly. In addition, the house captains and vice house captains lead whole school discussions on important school issues and attempt to find solutions with their teams.

House challenges are organised by the house captains and vice house captains and held at the end of each half term. Events have included a bake-off, quiz, times tables challenge and a Penalty Shootout competition.