School Council is all about the voice of the children at MPA working together with the senior leaders to make the school a great place to be. The role of School Councillor is explained to the children at the beginning of the academic  year. Expectations of the role are discussed and shared. Children who believe they would make a great councillor have the opportunity to talk to the class about why they would make a good councillor. The class then vote on who they believe would represent their class / year group.

Once elected the children meet with the Head Teacher.  They are awarded a badge and roles and responsibilities are further explained. There is then an election for the Chair and Vice Chair of their School Council.  In these roles the children lead the meetings, support the younger members , set agendas, share meetings minutes, and ensure members have an equal role during the meeting. They also ensure they collate the views of the children in their class. This is an important role and build many life skills to equip the children for the world of work.