School Menus

The dinners menu always start on week 1 after each half term or Holiday period.
Week dates can be found below-

Week 1: W/C 24th February, 16th March, 20th April, 11th May, 1st June, 22nd June, 13th July

Week 2: W/C 3rd February, 2nd March, 23rd March, 27th April, 18th May, 8th June, 29th June

Week 3: W/C  10th February, 9th March, 30th March, 4th May, 15th June, 6th July,

Please find our weekly dinner menus here that you can download (pfd):  Week 1     Week 2     Week 3


Please find our tuck menu

Year 1 to Year 6 will have the opportunity to purchase a healthy snack from the tuck menu for 30p daily at break times.
All of the healthy snacks are made fresh by our brilliant catering manager Carol.

Packed lunches must be a healthy balanced meal